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Founder and Chief Editor

~ Lakeview Journal


The journal publishes works by established and upcoming writers/artists.


Runner Up, The Best Magazine - Saboteur Awards 2013, London


Our top-notch international advisory board consists of names like George Szirtes, Bill Ashcroft, Sudeep Sen, Alan Summers, Mel Ulm and Patrick Cotter.


We have published works by writers/artists from across the world like K Satchidananadan, Hanif Kureishi, Shauna Gilligan, Meena Alexander, John McKenna, Gerrard Williams, Balbir Krishan, John Antoine Labadie and so on.

A Brilliant Journal. Truly International.

~ Hanif Kureishi, on Lakeview Journal




Critical responses

Story in Unthology 5

Some stories are more structurally unusual than others, such as Jose Varghese’s A Writer Tries To Work It Out. This story flits between two parallel stories, one revolving around a writer and another person, and the other revolving around the characters in a story the writer is showing to said person, cleverly creating two layers of narrative, one of which becomes somewhat a critique of the other.

~AJ Hodson

Varghese works out the cycles of problems in love, language and writing. Glorious loss of optimism

~Andrew Oldham


For me, Jose Varghese’s ‘A Writer Tries To Work It Out’ in which dual narratives, one relating a story and the other a dialogue between a creative writing tutor and the story’s author, where the story improves in line with the tutor’s comments, and the narrative between the tutor and the author moves in unexpected directions, was a stand-out.

~Lander Hawes

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